An app to make sure you get paid back when someone says, "I'll pay you later."

Snap a Picture of the Evidence!

You like to eat out, but you're always getting stuck with the check, with no way to remember who had what and who owes what.


With PayUpSucka, all you have to do is snap a picture, store it in the app and remind that sucka until they pay.

Keep Track of the Suckas Who Owe!

No matter how many Suckas owe you, you can keep track of who has paid and who still owes. Your options for resolving the debt:

  • - Still Waiting on Sucka
  • - Sucka's Birthday Gift
  • - Sucka Got Locked Up
  • - Sucka Paid Up
  • - I'm Feeling Nice

Remind Those Suckas to Pay Up!

Use the app to send an email, a text, or call that Sucka out on Twitter. Send as many reminders as it takes, use the pre-populated message or create your own.